Friends of Hagerman Nature Photo Club
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Mission Statement of the FOH Nature Photography Club

The Friends of Hagerman Nature Photography Club promotes interest in Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge and encourages preservation of wildlife and habitats by supporting, assisting and educating nature photographers of all levels.

Welcome to the FOH Nature Photo Club

The Friends of Hagerman Nature Photo Club meets bimonthly at Hagerman NWR for a technical program and photo sharing.  The club is open to anyone interested in nature photograph, regardless of experience or type of equipment.  Visitors are welcome; for those who wish to join, dues are just $5 per year, however, membership in the Friends of Hagerman NWR is required.

The Nature Photo Club sponsors photo shoots on the Refuge, and an annual Refuge photo contest.  Club members also participate in photography projects on behalf of the Friends and the Refuge.

10 Ways to Be a Better Wildlife & Nature Photographer--Postponned
Saturday, March 21, 2020, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
This event has been postponed due to COVID-19. We are working with Mr. Graves on another date later this year.

Russell Graves shares "Ten Ways to be a Better Wildlife and Nature Photographer" at the Nature Photography Club meeting. He will focus on a series of case studies and explain how to take better shots without a lot of hassle.

About Russell: If you've read any Texas-based magazines over the past twenty-five years chances are you've seen some of Russell's photos or read some of his words. Since 1989, he's been traveling the state telling authentic Texas stories with his camera and his words - both written and spoken. Russell lives in the country north of Dodd City, Texas where he grew up.

Nature Photography Club meeting is free and open to the public.
Hagerman NWR
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Guides for Photographers

Click for Spring Guide to Birds at HNWR for Photographers

Click for Winter Guide to Birds at HNWR for Photographers

Nature Photography Ethics
Birding Ethics
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