Hunting, Fishing & Boating
2019 Feral Hog Hunt Regulations & Information

Regulations for the 2019 Feral Hog Hunt are now available.

2019 Regulations for Fishing and Boating

Click for the 2019 regulations for fishing and boating at Hagerman NWR.  Thank You.

2019 Archery Deer Regulations and Information

 Click 2019 for this year's archery deer hunt information.

2018 Wild Turkey Hunt Regulations & Information

Click for 2018 Wild Turkey Hunt regs and info.  Sign up for the permit drawing, January 3 - 31, 2018.

2018 Archery Deer Permit Drawing Results

 Please click to view the results of the 2018 Archery Deer Permit Drawing.

2017 Upland Game Hunting Regulations & Information

 Click for updated Upland Game Hunting regulations and information.

2017 HNWR Archery Deer Hunt Results

 Click to view the summary of results for the 2017 Archery Deer Hunt at Hagerman NWR.

Fishing Tips

Lots of visitors ask, where should I fish for catfish, crappie or bass?  Click for map with suggested fishing spots for each of those species.  And - please remove all gear, fish debris, etc. when you leave; make it nice for the next guy!

Gar? In Texoma?

 Learn more about Lepisosteidae - Gar from this TPWD website - and here are the gar species found in waters at Hagerman NWR: 
Alligator Gar - Lepisosteus spatula
Spotted Gar - Lepisosteus oculatus
Longnose Gar - Lepisosteus osseus
Shortnose Gar - Lepisosteus platostomus

Feral Hog Facts from TWPD

 Get the facts on feral hogs in this booklet from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Don't Pick Up Strangers

By "strangers", we mean Invasive species - non-native plants, animals, and micro-organisms that damage the lands and waters our native plants and animals need to survive. Everyone needs to be part of the fight against invasive species. By following these  easy steps, together, we can stop the spread of invasive species.

Help Prevent The Spread of Invasive Plants And Animals
• REMOVE plants, animals & mud from boots, gear, boat & trailer.
• CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving the recreation site.
• DRAIN bilge, ballast, wells & buckets before you leave the area.
• DRY equipment before launching into another body of water.
• DISPOSE of unwanted bait in a sealed container.
• USE CERTIFIED or local firewood & hay.
Stop the Spread!

Zebra mussels have invaded North Texas Lakes.  Click here for video on how boaters can stop the spread.

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