Nest Box Program
Nest Box Monitoring 2018
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 10:19am

 By Wes Crawford

The Nestbox program is a well-established volunteer activity of the FOH.  This year volunteers are  monitoring 52 nest boxes on Harris Creek, Raasch and Meadow Pond Trails. 

We usually do box repair, relocations and cleaning during the off season from September through February. Towards the end of February, nestbox monitors pair up and select the trails they prefer to monitor for the season.  The monitoring season begins in late February and ends in August. Based on scheduling, each team monitors about one time each month. Monitoring normally occurs on Wednesday or Thursday in the late morning or early afternoon.  We sometimes have to flex our day due to weather or trail conditions.  Monitors carefully open each box and note observations on the Cornell NestWatch data sheet. Some nestboxes have sponsors and a photo is taken.  Monitors will remove nests and clean the box once the chicks have fledged.  We have a volunteer who enters the data into the Cornell database for scientific monitoring and research.  Another volunteer takes the photos and prepares reports to the box sponsors.

There is nothing like the joy in seeing the royal blue male Bluebird on top of the nestbox or the female bravely huddled over her eggs or the site of the fully feathered young waiting for the que to fledge.   We had one monitor this year that was blessed by actually seeing a chick peck out of the egg.  Although our target species is Eastern Bluebirds, other species benefit from use of the nestboxes including: Carolina Wren, Bewicks Wren, Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse and Prothonotary Warbler.

2018 Volunteer Monitors:  Sharon Barker, Stephen Keller, Sue Raasch, Susan Knowles, Trey Crosthwaite, Nana Rylander, Cathy Van Bebber, Connie Hardesty, Jim Russell, Ken Hildebrand, Ken Neuhard, Wayne Meyer, Bert Garcia, Dave Bryant, Dick Malnory, Don Lawrence, Donna Rogers, Enid Kaspar, Gene Cushion, Nancy Cushion, Sue Abernathy, John Brennan, Kathy Nance, Bill Nance, Larry Vargus; also Teresa Crawford, administration, Nancy Cushion, data entry, and Patricia Crain, Adopt a Nest Box.
Thanks to all Friends, volunteers and HNWR staff for supporting this program.


Nest Box Trail Reports
Want to learn more about the Eastern Bluebird?

Eastern Bluebird pamphlet has history, habitat management, nest box instructions and more.

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Adopt a Nest Box

Through the FOH  Adopt a Nest Box Program, boxes have been adopted by individuals, families, school classes and by pets!  Adoption will open December 1, for the 2019 nesting Season, and will close February 1, 2019 or as sonn as all available boxes have been adopted.

 Shown below, Booger Biggs on the leash, pays a visit, with his master,  to  his adopted nest box at the Refuge.


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