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Second Saturday Programs

 Second Saturdays  are free nature programs open to the public.  The format is a talk, accompanied by slides, and may include a brief field trip on the Refuge, depending on topic; programs are geared to the interest level age 11 - adult.  Presenters are experts in the presentation topic and are drawn from area colleges, nature organizations and professionals in the field of wildlife/biology.

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Borneo All the B Birds and More
Saturday, September 12, 2020, 10:00am – 10:30am
Dr. Doug Wood fascinating audiovisual presentation will cover Dr. Woods birding trip to Malaysia and Borneo during Summer 2019. He will show photos of birds, mammals, reptiles, habitat, and more from his trip. Dr. Wood will include discussion about Malaysia and Borneo with regards to conservation issues, animal behavior, and global birding. If time permits, video clips will also be shown. Questions and discussion welcome.

Dr. Doug Wood is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and has taught there since 2001. He originally hails from Lawrence, Kansas, but his academic wanderings earned him his BA in Biology from Boston University, MS in Zoology from Eastern Illinois University, and Ph.D. in Forestry and Wildlife Ecology from Mississippi State University. Currently, Dr. Wood teaches a wide variety of classes in the wildlife and zoology fields including Ornithology, Field Ornithology, Zoology, Mammalogy, Wildlife Management, Conservation of Natural Resources, and Bioethics. Dr. Woods specialty is Ornithology and he has authored or co-authored 50+ research papers on a wide variety of topics including brood parasitism, stopover ecology of migrant birds, and the ecology of cavity nesting species ranging from Red-cockaded Woodpeckers to Prothonotary Warblers to Tree Swallows, plus whatever his graduate students wish to study. Dr. Wood is an avid birder and amateur photographer; he has birded in >30 countries prior to the Covid.

To join the meeting:
1. Visit (copy and paste the following into your browser)
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Press the blue REGISTER button to complete registration.
4. You will receive an email confirming your registration.
5. Download the APP called ZOOM Cloud Meetings to the device you wish to use (computer, phone, tablet, etc)
6. One hour before the meeting you will get an email reminder.
7. Use the link in the emailed confirmation message to open the meeting on Saturday, September 12th, at 10:00 AM
Online: ZOOM
Tram Tours: Come See the Geese!

Guided tours are offered at 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. Enjoy a 60 -  90 minute tour along Wildlife Drive at the Refuge. Learn about the history of the displaced town of Hagerman while watching for wildlife.  Lots of stops for bird-watching and photography.  Free (donations accepted). Seating is limited: please call (903)786-2826 between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Mon-Sat, for reservations.  Standbys are accepted if space permits.  Tours are recommended for age 6 - adult.


Early Bird Guided Walk - Second Saturdays

Master Naturalist Jack Chiles will lead our early bird walk, weather permitting. Bring binoculars or borrow ours. Meet at 8:00 AM at the Visitor Center, return in time for the Second Saturday program.  Free and open to the public.

Calling All Gardeners: Volunteers Needed to help with Butterfly Garden

 Love to work in the garden?  Come and help us add plants, weed and mulch our beautiful butterfly garden. Join our team that is on call for Wednesday morning gardening.  Provide own tools and gloves. Minimum age 18, or 16 if accompanied by parent/volunteer.  Garden volunteers get first dibs on thinned plants as well as access to seeds and cuttings for propagation.  Email for dates, times and details:

Outdoor Crew

 Do you enjoy working outside, mowing, sprucing up hiking trails, trimming and removing brush and general cleanup? Join the Outdoor Crew at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. The Outdoor Crew meets on the First Tuesday and Fourth Saturday of every month. Please email for details and to join our team. Scouts welcome!

Hagerman Youth

 Check out nature activities for youth at Hagerman Youth.

Shorebird Migration at Hagerman NWR

Mid-March - mid-May and mid-August - late October are times to view the Central Flyway shorebird migration at the Refuge.  Each spring many thousands of shorebirds pass through,  on their way to breeding grounds in the northern US, Canada or the high Arctic.  They are back again in the fall, on their way to the tropics or even South America, to spend the winter.  The Refuge offers wetlands for resting and re-fueling.  Shorebirds can be a challenge to identify; literature and field guides are available at the Visitor Center.

Geese At Hagerman NWR

November - February - Trips to Hagerman NWR to see the huge flock of wintering geese are an annual holiday tradition for many visitors. Please stop by the Visitor Center for information and visitor services such as maps,  free wildlife guides and binoculars-for-loan.

Seasons of Wildlife at Hagerman NWR

 Click for more on the seasons of wildlife at the Refuge, 

Slide Show Photo Credits

Photos are selected entries from the 2017 HNWR Nature Photography Contest

Liftoff, by Alan Daniel

Sunrise Song, by Jeff Gladden

Encounter with Wildlife, by Carl Hill

Showing My Colors, by Mike Sweatt

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