Friends of Hagerman Nature Photo Club
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Mission Statement of the FOH Nature Photography Club

The Friends of Hagerman Nature Photography Club promotes interest in Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge and encourages preservation of wildlife and habitats by supporting, assisting and educating nature photographers of all levels.

Welcome to the FOH Nature Photo Club

The Friends of Hagerman Nature Photo Club meets bimonthly at Hagerman NWR for a technical program and photo sharing.  The club is open to anyone interested in nature photograph, regardless of experience or type of equipment.  Visitors are welcome; for those who wish to join, dues are just $5 per year, however, membership in the Friends of Hagerman NWR is required.

The Nature Photo Club sponsors photo shoots on the Refuge, and an annual Refuge photo contest.  Club members also participate in photography projects on behalf of the Friends and the Refuge.

Cell Phone Photography with Mary Karam
Sunday, May 6, 2018, 3:00pm – 4:00pm
A cell phone camera can go where other cameras cannot. You can capture, edit, and share with unparalleled ease and speed. The versatility of the cell phone surpasses all others by switching from TIME-LAPSE to SLO MO to VIDEO to PHOTO to SQUARE to PANO with a simple slide of a finger. Many professional photographers prefer cell phones for certain applications.

Mary Karam is the owner/director of The MK Gallery which was born primarily out of her passion for photography. Others passions are rock/fossil hunting as well as explorative hike in nature for anything unusual, large or small. Even though Karam used an Ansco and a Kodak in the 50's, serious photography did not start till the late 80's with commercial photography classes at Brookhaven College complete with B&W film development and printing, shows, weddings, etc. Nowadays, Karam focuses mainly on wildlife, especially the challenge of birds in flight using a Canon 5D, Mark II. Karam has been volunteering at Hagerman since 2005.

This is a free class, no reservations needed. Please download the app SNAPSEED on your phone prior to the class.
FOH Nature Photography Club
Saturday, May 19, 2018, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Ron & Sharlott Hasty will present "Adding Motion + Emotion to Photos" for the May program.
Photo Club News

Click for minutes of the March 17 meeting with speaker Russell Graves.  Click for video interview with Graves.

The next meeting will be May 19, with speakers Ron and Sharlott Hasty, Addint Motion + Emotion to Your Photos.


Bimonthly club meetings are held at the Refuge and are  open to anyone interested in nature photography, regardless of experience level or type of photo gear.  Visitors may attend free of charge; there are nominal dues for membership.   Photographers are also  invited to share their HNWR photos on the Friends of Hagerman Facebook Page. 


If you would like to receive Friends of Hagerman Nature Photography Club announcements and news by email, please send us a request through CONTACT on this website.  Thank You

Guides for Photographers

Click for Spring Guide to Birds at HNWR for Photographers

Click for Winter Guide to Birds at HNWR for Photographers

Nature Photography Ethics
Birding Ethics
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