Activities for Youth at Hagerman NWR
Hagerman NWR and the Friends Offer Programs, Activities for Kids!

Check out our  Hagerman Youth page!  In addition to monthly events, you will find nature-related  activities to do at home and links to great info for youngsters and their families. 

Something New!

New year, new ways!  Starting in January, 2017, the monthly youth nature program is set for the THIRD Saturday, January through November.  The Refuge Rocks is the name for the new program, with a different topic each month, geared to two ages levels, ages 4 - 7 and 8 - 12.

Children in the younger group are to be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult, and parents are invited to attend with older children.

Making reservations for this free program is optional; we know many folks have to plan at the last minute, but it helps us assure sufficient materials for each child.  You may register online or by calling the Refuge, 903 786 2826. (For those who have participated previously, check out our streamlined registration!)

(Photo by Cindy Steele)

Coming February 11, 2017


Squirrels - Are You Nuts?? For Age 4 - 7
Saturday, January 21, 2017, 10:00am – 11:30am
The youth program at HNWR is moving to the THIRD Saturday! Free nature program for youth at Hagerman NWR. For January, Squirrels - Are You Nuts? Let's learn about SQUIRRELS, those bushy tailed, nut-loving acrobats! Registration is optional but helps us have enough materials ready for each child who will attend. Please register each child - register below or new simple registration online at or by calling the Refuge, 903 786 2826. Watch for new topic each month. Parent/responsible adult must accompany youngsters in the 4 - 7 age group, and are welcome to attend with children ages 8 - 12.
Who Lives on A National Wildlife Refuge?

Can you identify an animal by its tracks?  Download and print this puzzle page to test your skill -  identify animals found at national wildlife refuges! Page 2 has the answers, but don't peek!

Want to Know About Bird Migration?

 This video from Cornell Lab of Ornithology gives a good overview of bird migration.

What's Your Wingspan?

 Click here to view file with wingspan of various birds  - spread your arms and ask someone to measure your "wingspan".  Which bird's wingspan are you closest to?

Trail Safety

Wild places are fun - but they are wild!  Be safe - always go with a grownup who knows the dangers in your area - whether sunburn, ticks, or snakes...Some other  safety tips are:

Do not touch wild animals. A wild animal that allows you to get close enough to touch may be sick ro injured and may bite.

Do not touch or pick up baby animals and birds; their parents are watching and may become angry.

Don't eat wild berries and plants unless an expert says it is ok.

Nests and animal scats may hold germs and insects; avoid touching with bare hands, and if you do, wash well!

Check out these tips for watching wildlife from Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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