Friends of Hagerman Nature Photo Club
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Mission Statement of the FOH Nature Photography Club

The Friends of Hagerman Nature Photography Club promotes interest in Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge and encourages preservation of wildlife and habitats by supporting, assisting and educating nature photographers of all levels.

Welcome to the FOH Nature Photo Club

The Friends of Hagerman Nature Photo Club meets bimonthly at Hagerman NWR for a technical program and photo sharing.  The club is open to anyone interested in nature photograph, regardless of experience or type of equipment.  Visitors are welcome; for those who wish to join, dues are just $5 per year, however, membership in the Friends of Hagerman NWR is required.

The Nature Photo Club sponsors photo shoots on the Refuge, and an annual Refuge photo contest.  Club members also participate in photography projects on behalf of the Friends and the Refuge.

Photo Club Meeting May 21

The next photo club meeting will be on May 21st, from 1pm to 3pm in the visitor’s center meeting room.  Please note the time change, this will be our meeting time for now on.  The new time will free up your morning to get some shooting time.

Our theme for this meeting is Butterflies and Damsels/Dragonflies.  Please send three photos of Butterflies and three of Damsels/Dragonflies in JPG or PNG format. These should be preferably from Hagerman NWR, but all are welcome. If you are new to wildlife photography don’t be shy and send your photos as well, we are all here to learn. Please rename your photo with your name and the place it was taken. Let us know if you need help with this. If you are not on our email list, let us know that you want to participate through Contact on this website.

The program will be a presentation on NIK Software.  For those of you that have not heard, Google has made the entire suite available for free.  This is a suite of programs that used to cost hundreds of dollars before Google bought them out.  It is very powerful and it contains some of the very best photo editing apps available.  If you do not have it, go to: and download it.

The presentation will cover the basics to get you started. If there is enough interest in exploring NIK Software in depth a series of presentations will be set up. We will be using Photoshop to access the apps, but they can be accessed from within Lightroom as well. If you will be using Lightroom, prepare your photos with basic editing before the meeting, this way you will be ready to edit the photo with NIK Software right away. Bring your laptop and a few photos that you want edited so you can have hands-on during the presentation. Please note that the laptop is not required, you can just take notes, watch and learn.  

I hope to see you at the meeting.


Best regards,

Jesus F. Moreno

 Photographer of the Month

2016 - Marvin Ann Patterson, Michael Sweatt, Donna Boykin

2015 - Win Goddard, Jon Fischer, Tami Howard, Keith Crabtree, Larry Petterborg, David Coltrane, George E. Mason,  Paul and Ofelia Martin, Leslie Knudtson, Mike Petrick, Denise Remfert, Ken Morton

2014 - Jillian M. Duquaine-Watson, Jesus Moreno, Michael B. Keck, Allen Rich, Terri Barnett, Tom Crews, Laura Cooper, Holly Simone Cantu, Randy Conaway, George Cooper, Hannah Frosch, Amanda Burns

2013 - Pamela Porter, Bob Brown, Lee Hatfield, Charlie Hernandez, John Mead, John Scruggs, Kevin Vaughn, Monica Babin Muil, Maggie Goodman, Brian Kaylor, Diane Varley,  Jimmy Thomas

2012 - Ron Varley, Melinda Hill, Becky Goodman, Bert Garcia, Karen Skogsbergh, Marilyn Pickens, Skip Hill, Ben Salisbury, Sally Papin, Tigger Saldy, Drew Foran, Phil McGuire

2011 - Laurie Snidow, BIll Powell, Carol Ann Sowell, Linda Hopson, Wayne Meyer, Laurie Lawler, Miguel Mendoza Munoz, Carl Hill, Lindsey Hill, Diane Lizanich, Carrie Chambers, Corina Garayua

2010 - Laurie Sheppard, Robyn Raggio, Mark McCune, Susan Dilmore, Mike Chiles, Mary Karam, Pedro Alicea, Carole & David Higgins, Denise Stephens, Nancy Miles Miller, Brenda Loveless, Dennis Skogsbergh

2009 - Dana M. Handy, Eileen Sullivan, Cinda Benton, Tony Dean, Jim Gay, Bob and Mary Ann Cummings, Randall N. Lantz, Dick Malnory, Kay Karns, Bill Adams, Chris Jennings, Callie Evans

2008 - Jack Chiles, Rick Cantu, Johnny Beall, Bill Hurst, Kenneth Jeffcoat, Donna Niemann, Michael & Grace Haight, Carol Pfeiffer, Joe Blackburn, Earley Family, Ronnie Barron

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