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2015 Nest Box Summary

We would like to thank the next box monitors for 2015: Sue Abernathy, John Brennan, Suzanne Brooks, Jerry & Kay Bynum, Jack Chiles,  Bert Garcia (Chair), James and Deborah Gates, Skip & Melinda Hill, Carolyn Kohls, Don  Lawrence, Dick Malnory, Wayne Meyer, Barry and Terre Reese, and Kathy Whaley. Thanks also to the staff who continued to monitor by boat as long as possible during the Great Flood of 2015! In addition, thanks to Becky Goodman (data entry), and Sue Malnory (Adopt a Nest Box).

 Wildlife professionals and bird enthusiasts agree that the return of the bluebird  is one of the great success stories in modern conservation.  Thanks to the volunteer monitors, nest box adopters, and Refuge staff who played a part this year  in the conservation effort at the Refuge.

Thank You to HNWR Staff!

A BIG part of the Nest Box project success at the Refuge is due to the regular mowing around each of the  boxes, performed by Refuge employees!   THANK YOU!

Adopt a Nest Box

Through the FOH  Adopt a Nest Box Program, boxes have been adopted by individuals, families, school classes and by pets!  All boxes for 2016 have been adopted.

 Shown below, Booger Biggs on the leash, pays a visit, with his master,  to  his adopted nest box at the Refuge.


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