Birds at Hagerman NWR

Christmas Bird Count Results - Hagerman Circle

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Bird Census Highlights for 2017

Each week birders record a bird census at Hagerman NWR, and Master Naturalist Jack Chiles compiles a summary of the survey highlights for the website.  In addition, you can find the weekly update on the Friends Facebook page.

January - March, 2017, Weekly Highlights        April - June, 2017 Highlights  

July - September, 2017, Highlights            October - December, 2017 Highlights


2017 Weekly Bird Census Detail

 January, 2017         February, 2017        March, 2017        April, 2017       

 May, 2017          June, 2017        July, 2017         August, 2017           

September, 2017          October, 2017          November, 2017          December, 2017

2016 Weekly Bird Census Detail

 January, 2016           February, 2016          March, 2016          April, 2016

May, 2016             June, 2016              July, 2016             August, 2016

September, 2016           October, 2016           November, 2016           December, 2016

2015 Weekly Bird Census Detail
Bird Check List

Hagerman NWR has recorded 300 species of birds seen at the Refuge since it was established in 1946.  Click Bird Check List to view the list.

Birding Grayson County

Birding Grayson County is a description of birds found at Hagerman NWR and throughout various parts of Grayson County, written by Thomas Riecke and edited by Betsy Baker.

Bird ID ??

Have an identification question for a bird seen at Hagerman NWR or in your N. Texas backyard?  Maybe our panel of expert birders can help.  Send your name and question via our "Contact" and you will receive instructions for emailing us a photo of the bird in question.

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